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Flower Tower Ideas | Tower Garden

Which plants should we choose to keep them looking great all season long? Which colors should we choose so that they fit perfectly into the environment? Questions like these should be answered before you get flowers. Although it may seem trivial, the plethora of options can cause quite a headache.

Fortunately, you can always take a look at already created compositions to get inspiration. For this reason, we have prepared some interesting options for planting the flower towers.

Flower mishmash
Decorate the flower tower? No problem! Simply select a few plants, preferably in different, contrasting colors, and plant them in loose groups. Is it really that simple? Not completely. The art is to create such a composition that the aesthetic mess does not turn into chaos.

You can achieve a good effect if you use different colors of a plant to decorate the flower tower. Such a combination will always look beautiful, regardless of the arrangement of the plant. It is advisable to group individual plant varieties together. In this way it will be possible to obtain a unique and aesthetic composition.