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Amazing Vines You Can Grow Indoors

These are some tasty edible vines that you can grow indoors in a small space for a fresh, green harvest!

You don’t always need a large garden for green plants – a space for a medium-sized pot indoors is enough for these edible vines!

Edible vines you can grow indoors

1. Nasturtium

Edible vines you can grow indoors

Botanical name: Tropaeolum majus

Edible parts: Leaves and flowers

Nasturtium needs a sunny location indoors where it can thrive easily. Use a potted trellis to encourage the stems to climb up and produce delicious leaves and flowers that you can use fresh in salads for a peppery flavor!

Its leaves are also a delicious alternative to lettuce in wraps and sandwiches.

2. Malabar spinach

Edible Vines You Can Grow Indoors1

Botanical name: Basella alba

Edible parts: Leaves and stems

Do you have a bright window that receives indirect light? Well, that’s what you need to grow Malabar spinach. Train its stems to climb over a Grid or even the window grille!

3. Pea sprouts

You can grow indoor vines that are edible.

Botanical name: Pisum sativum

Edible parts: Young shoots and tendrils

You can grow peas in a small pot on a bright windowsill. Pea sprouts taste great in salads as they add a sweet taste and a crunchy texture. They are also rich in vitamins A, C and folic acid!

4. Madeira vine

You can grow indoor vines that are edible.1

Botanical name: Anredera cordifolia

Edible parts: leaves

The tender leaves have a slightly sweet and earthy flavor that goes best with salads. You can also pair it with Lettuce, spinachor steam in broth!

5. Sweet potato vine

Edible House Vines You Can Grow

Botanical name: Ipomoea batatas

Edible parts: Leaves and tubers

The leaves of Sweet potato vines are a culinary treasure and offer a high fiber content. After frying they taste perfect Garlic, Onionsor Ginger. Add them to omelettes or scrambled eggs for a nutritious and colorful addition! You can also grow them in water.

6. Betel leaf plant

Edible vines that you can grow hanging indoors

Botanical name: Piper sarmentosum

Edible parts: leaves

Do you have a sunny window in your room? The Betel leaf plant will be happy to thrive and grow in this place! You can use its leaves to wrap seasoned minced meat and seafood. Chop finely and add to mixed vegetables or salads for a unique, peppery flavor!

7. Passion fruit vine

Edible Vines You Can Grow at Home

Botanical name: Passionflower edulis

Edible parts: leaves

Although this is what the plant is best known for fruit, you have to grow it for its leaves! Why? Well, because they add a spicy touch to salads. Once finely chopped, you can also use the large leaves in vegetable or meat mixtures (for a heartier taste).

Note: Indoors, it is primarily a foliage plant with no flowers or fruits.

8. Vietnamese coriander

Indoor Edible Vines You Can Grow

Botanical name: Persicaria odorata

Edible parts: leaves

That coriander is famous for its tangy, lemony flavor that tastes great in salads, especially Thai ones. You can also use it in soups, stews, sandwiches and wraps. The plant grows well in indirect light, making it a good choice for indoor use.