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Cozy container water garden ideas

A container water garden is a great way to create a miniature oasis for wildlife and bring the sound of running water to your landscape without requiring the space, time, or energy required of an in-ground water feature. Container water gardens are easy to create and maintain. They are miniature water gardens that are home to plants, birds, frogs and insects. You can even place a few small fish inside to add another interesting element.

What is a container water garden?
A container water garden is essentially a mini water garden. It is a small pond contained in a decorative vessel. Container gardeners know how growing in pots simplifies the gardening process and reduces the gardener’s maintenance requirements (no weeds!). The same goes for potted water gardens. They are low maintenance and easy to set up. Within a few weeks, your mini water garden will become an established habitat for water-loving creatures and you’ll look forward to spending the evenings with a glass of wine and the sound of running water from your mini pond in the background.

A container water garden can be simple or complex. It can be big or small. Only a few essential elements are required: a waterproof container, a few aquatic plants, water and the perfect location. Let’s talk about how you can combine these four elements to create your own water garden in a pot.

What type of pot is suitable for a water garden?
For container water gardens, I initially use a glazed ceramic pot, but any waterproof container will do. In the project plans below, I will explain how to close any drainage holes in the bottom of the pot before using it. The other option is to choose a pot that doesn’t have drainage holes to begin with.

Avoid porous pots, such as B. Clay pots, as water will seep through them quickly unless you take the time to apply a spray sealer to the inside and outside. If you want to create a water garden in a half whiskey barrel or other wooden container that can also slowly leach water, line the interior with a double layer of pond liner at least 10mm thick before filling the container with water.

There are many types of decorative pots you can use for your container water garden. Avoid plastic containers if you plan to keep fish in your mini pond as they may leach chemicals. If possible, avoid dark metal options as the water they contain can become very warm if the pot is in the sun.

Where do you place your container water garden?
A small container water garden is a great addition to a patio, deck, porch, or even as a centerpiece to your vegetable or flower garden. Unlike in-ground ponds, container mini ponds can be easily moved from one location to another from year to year or even within the same season (although you will likely need to drain the pond before moving). Ideally, choose a sunny location that receives direct sunlight for about 4 to 6 hours a day. In places with more direct sunlight, algae growth can become problematic and the water can become too warm for fish and plants. Many pond plants do not thrive in shadier conditions. 4 to 6 hours is the perfect “sweet spot”.