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Best Aloe Varieties For Containers

Here are the most beautiful ones types of Aloe varieties You can easily grow in containers without having to worry much about maintaining them!

From the legendary Aloe Vera known for its healing properties to exotic varieties that impress with their intricate leaf patterns and showy flowers, here are some of the most stunning types of Aloe varieties you have to grow!

Best Aloe Varieties for Containers

1. Sunset Aloe

best aloe varieties

Botanical name: Aloe dorotheae

Sunset Aloe is an evergreen succulent variety that turns light green in partial shade but turns a wonderfully shiny red in full sun. The leaves develop white spines on their edges.

2. Spiral aloe

Botanical name: Aloe polyphylla

Aloe polyphylla is a unique variety of aloe that forms a rosette of bluish-green leaves. These aloe varieties form an alluring clockwise or counterclockwise spiral pattern.

3. Guido Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe ‘Guido’

Guido Aloe is an exquisite hybrid aloe variety with attractive green and white colored, rosette-shaped, mottled leaves. This mini aloe works well in small decorative containers.

4. Carmine Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe ‘Carmine’

This miniature hybrid variety can be an excellent indoor or outdoor garden addition. The leaves are strikingly dark orange at the edges and have toothed edges.

5. Crosby’s Prolific

Botanical name: Aloe ‘Crosby’s Prolific’

Another impressive miniature aloe, forming a rosette of deep green foliage with lots of teeth and mottled skin. When kept in sunlight, the leaves turn an alluring reddish orange.

6. Lace Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe aristata

The distinctive feature of this plant is that the leaves have raised white dots that are somewhat spiny near the base. It is a beautiful houseplant that requires little care.

7. Short leaf aloe

Botanical name: Aloe brevifolia

This rosette-forming succulent has short, gray-green, fleshy leaves that turn a reddish pink in partial sun when in full sun. Grow it in a small decorative container.

8. Red aloe

Botanical name: Aloe cameronii

This slow-growing aloe variety has low watering requirements and if you have a location where it can receive full sunlight, it will reward you with beautiful copper-red leaves.

9. Candelabra Aloe (Krantz Aloe)

Botanical name: Aloe arborescens

One of the tallest aloe species. This shade-tolerant, shrub-like succulent also produces attractive blooms in bright shades of red and orange.

10. Cape aloe

Botanical name: Aloe Ferox

This giant aloe variety puts on a great architectural show when grown outside in a frost-free climate. Here is the research published on the sitephysical properties of the plant.

11. Coral aloes

Botanical name: Aloe striata

Unlike other common aloe varieties, coral aloe is toothless and has no spines on the leaf edges. It is one of the best cold-resistant aloe species.

12. Tiger Tooth Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe juvenna

Tiger Tooth Aloe is one of the most beautiful aloe varieties for containers. It is a small, clump-forming succulent native to Kenya, meaning it prefers hot growing conditions.

13. Spider aloe

Botanical name: Aloe humilis

Also known as hedgehog aloe, this low-growing variety features beautiful clusters of densely growing, stemless rosettes. The leaves are small and covered in irregular, tiny white spines.

14. Tiger Aloe

Botanical name: Gonialoe variegata

Tiger Aloe has distinctly small, sword-shaped, thick foliage decorated with amazing white stripes on green leaves.

15. Aloe Capitata

Botanical name: Aloe Capitata var.quartziticola

This stemless, rosette-forming aloe variety consists of showy, thick leaves with a vibrant bluish-pink hue that turns a deep pink or light red in full sun.

16. Aloe vera

Botanical name: Aloe Barbadensis

It comes under many names such as aloe vera, true aloe, Indian aloe, Chinese aloe and first aid plant. This succulent is one of the most valuable medicinal plants in the world.

17. Fan aloe

Botanical name: Aloe plicatilis

If you are looking for a decorative statement plant for your garden or entryway, grow fan aloe. Growing fan aloe in a pot is not difficult; Store it in a large pot in a warm place.

19. Aloe Descoingsii

Botanical name: Aloe descoingsii

Aloe descoingsii is the smallest of all Aloe species. The dark green leaves have white spots and jagged white edges.

20. Aloe soap

Botanical name: Aloe Maculata

Grow this evergreen, succulent perennial to showcase foliage and flowers year-round. Its deep blue-green foliage looks perfect in partial shade.

21. Somali aloe

Botanical name: Aloe somaliensis

Somali aloe has green and white textured leaves. In summer it produces pink to red tubular flowers.

22. Aloe caesia

Botanical name: Aloe x principis

It’s a cross between Aloe Ferox And Aloe arborescens and has characteristics of both varieties. The succulent grows tall, but not as tall as Aloe Ferox.

23. Climbing aloe

Botanical name: Aloiampelos ciliaris

It is a rare climbing aloe variety. You will need to use some sticks to help this plant climb nearby trees or other structural supports.

24. Blue elf aloe

Botanical name: Aloe ‘Blue Elf’

The Blue Elf Aloe brings a touch of calm to any room with its blue-green leaves. Thanks to its compact size, it fits perfectly on your windowsill or desk.

25. Blizzard Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe ‘Blizzard’

The white-flecked, fleshy leaves of these aloe varieties perfectly complement the beautiful orange flowers.

26. Golden Tooth Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe nobilis

These aloe varieties are characterized by striking green leaves with golden thorns, giving them the appearance of having golden teeth, hence the name.

27. Zebra Aloe

Botanical name: Aloe Zebrina

Zebra aloe is a natural wonder with its bold striped pattern. Its leaves resemble the drawings of a zebra, giving it a unique and beautiful look.