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Get the Look: Boho Garden Design Ideas

You don’t have to reserve your interior design ideas for the interior design of your house; Why not extend your inspiration to your outdoor spaces as well? Bohemian or “boho” vibes are all the rage right now. This look combines a relaxed, free-spirited feel with soft or natural-looking textures, colors and materials, and rustic and folksy patterns.

In this article, we bring you a number of exciting ideas from our boho garden trend to help you create the perfect outdoor space, no matter the size of your budget and no matter how big or small your space may be.

Green offers the perfect complement to the boho style – and of course, where better to create beautiful plant arrangements than in your garden? Choose beautiful planters and pots in attractive, varied sizes and earthy or nature-inspired designs. Then choose lush plants of different types and textures for the ideal look.

When planning a great boho decoration, it is important to arrange your space on different levels. Consider placing planters and accessories on stands and arranging plants in hanging baskets, adding nature-inspired pieces like floral wreaths in select spots.

Including pretty but practical elements like wall hooks is a great way to place additional items without taking up too much space – but you can also hang attractive outdoor signs and artwork that are purely for aesthetic purposes!