Saturday , 25 March 2023

Grow vegetables at home

Planting an orchard and vegetable garden is within the reach of anyone who has an outdoor space and plenty of sunlight. While many vegetables like cucumbers and squashes need a lot of space to spread out (and most plants will benefit from more space), there are plenty of options for …

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Grow this way and Eggplants produce more fruit

Aubergines – you love them or hate them. This misunderstood vegetable has very few lukewarm fans. Even those of us who love the creamy taste of perfectly cooked eggplant rarely think about planting them in the garden. They have a reputation for being a pretty picky vegetable. Knowing a little …

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Rose Rustling

Despite their reputation for being finicky, most roses are easy to grow and easy to propagate at home. “Propagating” simply means simply reproducing a plant from a simple cutting. Unlike seeds, which produce very different plants, rooted cuttings produce replicas of their parents. You don’t have to be a trained …

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