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Womens Swim Shorts VS Bikinis

Picking up hobbies and different sports from time to time is a great lot of fun. Whether it is running, cycling, hiking, trekking, camping, exploring…no matter what the hobby of your choice may be this is a very healthy and refreshing change in your daily lifestyle. Swimming happens to be one of those exercise/hobbies that are super healthy and rejuvenating for the health. Not just that but has various benefits on your mood and daily performance. Although you may want to be careful with what you wear. Bikini bottoms are sometimes too revealing for some girls or maybe they are just too young for them. In such situations, womens swim shorts are your best option.


All girls like to feel comfortable in their skin. And that is not possible with as little as two strips of clothing on strategic parts of their bodies. You want something more securing so you can easily swim about and do not feel like anything is hurdling your exercise time.

Say No to Wardrobe Malfunctions

With the quick and heavy water exercises and movements, you have to execute a bikini bottom is quite the opposite item you should go for. Exiting the water can snag it downwards as well other embarrassing situations you have to go through.

Extra Support And/Or Fitting

It is mentioned in the previous paragraph that exiting the water body you are swimming in can be hard with a pair of knickers. There are some womens swim shorts that have an extra strong elastic band on top of the clothing item. Such an example is in the fourth picture below.  Other womens swim shorts are super fitting and tight (yet breathable) so you can move around freely and exit the water as well as splash into it without worrying about any slippage and shameful encounters.