Thursday , 23 March 2023
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Summer container ideas

Summer container ideas

Summer container ideas come into their own in the warmer weather, with such a wide range of flowering plants to choose from that are at their best. It’s the perfect time of year to create beautiful planters that will enhance your outdoor space. From ideas for large patios and decks to more modest patios and balconies where space is at a premium, there are many planting ideas that will work for you.

Flowers in an old kettle

A simple mix of colour, texture and shape with containers of different heights and sizes has maximum impact. Whether you like small terracotta pots with individual flowers or large tubs with an array of plants of different heights and textures, you need ideas and inspiration on how to create successful color schemes and planting combinations that work for your space.

With our brilliant selection of easy-to-make container garden ideas, you can refresh your garden with instant displays of vibrant summer plants that will last for months.