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49 Stunning Garden Design Ideas

49 Stunning Garden Design Ideas

The best garden ideas make yards large and small look gorgeous all year round, making any space you have the number one destination for your household no matter the season.

Whether you have a small green plot, a large and boring courtyard, or a huge lawn to work on, we have all the inspiration you need to transform your yard into the perfect spot for you.

Plant your most beautiful flowers and watch them grow from your favorite patio furniture set or lounge chair, whether you’re in a fully blooming vegetable garden or looking for a curated green setting, you can make your space a space where You Can Relax And Unwind In.

From low-maintenance garden ideas that will improve your space—without costing the earth—to larger landscaping projects that could even increase the value of your property… There are plenty of inspirations for making your backyard bright, sociable, and fun to spend time in to spend.

Raised beds are spacious and a must for growing fruits and vegetables, that is, if you have the space. But if you have a small garden and still want to grow herbs, edibles, and even flowers, container gardening is your friend.

It works for absolutely any type of garden area under the sun for the simple reason that you can place your plant pots where is best or possible for your space. Ideal for renters who want to take their plants with them, it also gives you the opportunity to get creative with both the plant and the pot to create a really beautiful display. Mix it with herbs and fragrant flowers. Hydrangeas look great in a container, while you can combine upright flowers next to hanging plants like creeping rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus) or ivy (Hedera) for added interest.

For a curated garden look that is styled yet subtle, choose low trees that are simply planted in rows of three for definition. It’s enough to elevate a space and add privacy to a garden without creating an overly fussy garden.

We love these sophisticated and beautiful garden ideas as they make a space so unique. If you’re in a small garden, working vertically is a lifesaver – but this clever trick works in larger gardens too. Not only will container plants dress up stepladders (and hide ugly walls), but displaying flowers at different levels brings an increased level of interest and energy to even the smallest of spaces. So get creative with how you arrange your containers because they are the most flexible planting option there is!

A great example of working with what you have. This is proof that you really can plant anywhere. Before you dump old wheelbarrows or even your old best grill, think about how you can repurpose them as decorative plant containers. You may need to drill drainage holes, but once that’s sorted fill them in with a row of leaves. Try hosta, caladium, ornamental grass, or even a wildflower mix for added color and texture.