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Small garden design ideas on a budget

Small garden design ideas on a budget

It can sometimes be the case that there is not much that can be done with a small garden, let alone on a budget, but with the right advice this can all change.

We spoke to two gardening experts to discover some clever and affordable ways to turn your small yard into the outdoor space of your dreams. Richard Miers of Richard Miers Garden Design has been designing gardens for over 20 years and has some helpful tips on how to get the small garden you want on a budget:

Plan first
Make sure you really want to make this change and see if you can keep and reuse what you already have. Draw or sketch what you have in mind and get it right the first time. Measure the garden because getting it right will save you money by not having to do it twice. Spend as much as possible on the best materials as they will last longer and save you money in the long run.

Have a garden party. Offer your friends a BBQ and drinks as they help you clear the garden, build the fence, lay out the patio, dig beds and plant the plants. Paint existing fences instead of buying new ones. For paths or patios, use self-binding gravel instead of stones or bricks, e.g. B. Breedon Aggregates Amber Gravel or Wayfarer. Material costs are lower and labor costs cheaper than laying natural stone.

Shop around for natural stone as shipping costs vary enormously if you are not too picky. Also, maybe use ceramic tile instead of natural stone, but make sure it’s non-slip. Visit recycling centers for unusual containers instead of buying pots. You can even pick up tools there. Reclamation yards are also a good hunting ground for anything outside.

Grow your plants from seeds or cuttings, trade plants with friends and neighbors, make your own compost and plant fertilizer. Herbaceous perennials or shrubs instead of annuals come back year after year. Be smart when shopping – flower bulbs are very cheap in autumn. Bare root plants are cheaper in fall or winter than container grown in spring or summer. Bare root trees or dormant hedge plants are much cheaper than container growing. Don’t be put off by smaller shrubs than you might originally want, as they will grow you just have to be patient.