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Retro Lingerie – Styles and Ideas

Retro Lingerie – Styles and Ideas

Playing with different cultures and generation when it comes to fashion and clothing is a super fun thing to do. But if you are really dedicated you might want to try out some new styles and delve into a different world of beauty and vintage-ness. Retro lingerie is the best place to start if you are feeling experimental and would love to try some new vintage awesome things. But where exactly to start after you’ve made up your mind to try out this trend? There are many, many styles of retro lingerie and you can’t help but feel a little lost so if you are feeling that way here are some styles, ideas, and tips on how to rock the perfect lingerie look:

Balconette Bras and High Waisted Bottoms

These two items seemed to make the perfect pair when it came to retro lingerie looks. High waists were a big trend back then and were looks at as very sexy items. While the balconette bras…well they speak for themselves.

Haistyles Matter 

You may want to slip on a piece of retro lingerie but it will not look properly retro if you do not complete your look with an appropriate hairstyle. Whether you opt for curls or a vintage messy updo, go for it and you will look great.

Suspender Belts and Stockings

These are also a very important part of completing a retro lingerie look. Unless the lingerie piece you ordered comes with both these items, you have to get them.

One Piece Looks

If your retro lingerie piece does not include suspender belts and stockings then you can opt for a different look. Go for a statement pearl choker necklace, chunky strappy heels and a perfect hairdo to expertly pull everything off.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cover Skin

Covering your skin has become something off a taboo now when it comes to lingerie. But with retro lingerie you shouldn’t afraid to opt for a super high high-waisted piece because it just increases the sensuality in your look.