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Red Lingerie: The Sexiest Types There Are

Red Lingerie: The Sexiest Types There Are

Every new year, the intimate wear and lingerie world expands with millions of different items and probably tens and hundreds of new designs. Sex appeal happens to be a big part of society these days and lingerie is the best way to express that. Now, sexy bras and panties are also termed as lingerie but sticking to the old definition of the word, there are many different types of lingere. And the real question is which one is the best for your man? Of course, you are putting on some red lingerie for your special partner, right? Of course all types of lingerie are amazing but there are a select number of them which the majority of men love dearly. And they are:

Red Lingerie with Pushup Bra

Breasts are, no shocker here, a great turn on for men. And having them pushed up all the way looking full and plump is a huge advantage you have. Balconette bras are not such great options for girls with small cup sizes. But a pushup bra works for all women with all cup sizes.

Thongs with Lingerie

Whether you have a small or big derriere, make sure to show that asset of yours off with a sexy thong. In a poll conducted on students and men from all classes and countries, 38% of them liked to see their woman in a thong. If you can find one with a garter belt and stockings that is an added plus point.


No one has a perfect silhouette but for a fleeting special moment between you and your special one you can achieve that. Red lingerie with corsets are the top pick amongst many girls. Make him go crazy with your flawless silhouette achieved with a simple stretch of cloth and a few clasps.

Sheer Play

Lingerie pieces with sheer sections are also a top selection for many men as they are termed as “teasing”.