Thursday , 23 March 2023
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Most Beautiful Black Flowers

Most Beautiful Black Flowers

It seems especially appropriate to write about black flowers on Halloween. Given the sad nature of the festival, the saddest of floral colors, black, could certainly turn heads if you’re looking to turn your house into a haunted house. But you can actually have black flowers almost all year round if you know which ones to choose.

Most of us like bright flowers: pink, yellow, white, lavender, red, etc. But not everyone. Some reactionary gardeners seem to prefer colors that are otherwise neglected in the gardening world…especially black. Not everyone is gifted to appreciate black flowers, but for those who do, they are always a delight and they are certainly original.

Of course, your love of black flowers can say something about you. Those who follow the goth subculture and reject traditional societal values, for example, may be deeply immersed in black. The same can be said of some anarchists and artists. And if you’re in a deep depression and want to stay there, maybe black flowers are just what the psychologist ordered. Plus, growing counterculture black flowers could also be a way to finally get that rebellious grandchild interested in gardening!

Black is really purple

Of course, creating a perfectly black flower is almost impossible. Most black flowers are actually a very dark shade of purple or red and will appear in those shades on bright, sunny days. However, many can look as dark as Hades on cloudy or overcast days or in contrast to flowers in lighter shades. And some darken with age.