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Ideas to Create the Perfect Vintage Garden

Ideas to Create the Perfect Vintage Garden

It’s great fun scouring for vintage items, especially in the summer with farm auctions and flea markets galore. Many vintage items that might not immediately seem useful as garden ornaments can be repurposed and transformed into stunning and unique pieces for your backyard oasis. Vintage panels can turn a bare wooden fence into a stunning art display, while various pieces of sturdy galvanized metal can create floral showpieces. Even items like old ladders or damaged teacups can be useful with a little brute force and creativity. Read on for 45 vintage garden decor ideas to jazz up your yard!

Vintage plates can be found at many thrift stores, antique stores, and even flea markets like sand by the sea. Because decorative vintage plates are not food safe and take up a lot of display space, they have quickly fallen out of favor over the years, resulting in low prices and wide availability. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to upgrade your outdoor spaces with beautiful vintage plates! They can be hung along your fence to form a stunning border. Broken in half or partially buried, they can also make an incredibly elegant garden border.

Have you ever gone to a thrift store and found the prettiest vintage chair, but the seat is broken? Typically, this leads to sadness and frustration over a lost beautiful chair. However, if you keep outdoor and garden decor in mind, these broken chairs could be a great boon! Chairs with broken seats, especially ones with broken cane or rattan, make excellent plant stands! You can sink a pot into the damaged part of the seat, making it look like flowers are growing right out of the chair. Even functional old chairs can be turned into adorable plant stands, usually when painted a fun color.

While working vintage wheelbarrows tend to command top prices for their sturdy construction and durability, those that have been lost to the ravages of time are; that is, they are no longer useful for gardening, tend to be quite cheap. Sometimes they are even given away in swap and upcycling groups. A vintage wheelbarrow that can at least stand stationary and hold a bit of weight is the perfect backdrop for a cute assortment of flower pots full of colorful annuals. Trailing annuals are another good choice as they add a little whimsy to the frame of the old wheelbarrow.

While we would never advise walking up a vintage ladder, pick one up if you get the chance at a flea market or thrift store. Old wooden ladders, especially those with wide planks, are great for plant stands, indoors or out! When refinished or painted a cute color, a vintage ladder can hold a surprising number of pots and hanging baskets, especially if the wood is still in decent condition to protect the wood from the outdoor elements. The tiered stands replicate the look of much more expensive new ladder style leaning tables and bookcases.

Much like vintage plates, vintage teacups without matching saucers are incredibly plentiful and often as cheap as 99 cents or less. You could even use stained or chipped cups for a teacup chime project, as these imperfections aren’t noticeable from afar. There are many ways to create a teacup wind chime, each requiring different skills. The simplest method is to tie the bowls together with staggered lengths of string or rope from a wind chime base. More advanced approaches may involve drilling through the shells to make more secure bells.