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Ideas for garden water features

Ideas for garden water features

Water features enrich every garden, offer decorative interest, soothing noises and a habitat for wild animals.

Adding a water feature in the garden does not have to cost a fortune. Something as simple as an attractive garden water bowl can achieve a real effect by reflecting light and neighboring plants. Soothing rippling sounds can be generated by a stream or fountain, while a pond enables you to grow aquatic plants and offer a home, frogs and dragonflies.

Water streams are flat channels that enable water flow from one area to the other. Your river ensures a consistently quiet sound and you fit in every garden. Take a look at the watercourses in the gardens of Rousham and Coton Manor for inspiration. The gutter shown is made of metal, which was oxidized into a warm, burned tone.

Wasser bowls for the garden, like this one made of wood, can be set up anywhere in the garden, but they are particularly useful in shady areas where they help to throw the light around. They are easy to set up and available in many styles, from pretty stone bowls to elegant metal shells with a more modern look.

A garden pond works in every garden size and every design style. You can be wildlife oases filled with plants or minimalist, contemplative pools with linear limits. Add bubbling noises with a fountain or trickle.

If you are lucky enough to have a natural stream through your garden that does not dry out in summer, you can surround it with colorful, moisture-loving plants such as candelaber primles and league.

Pouring can water games like this terracotta olive glass have a romantic, classic feeling. Specially made jugs with a hole in which the pump can be used discreet are easy to find and can either be free -standing elements that pour into a bowl, or are used as a starting point for grooves that pour into a pond or even a pond Become a swimming pool. Plant around the jug to integrate it into your overall design.

Decorative garden fountain are ideal if you have an area that requires a center. There are many different styles to choose from, including polished metal balls and stone monoliths and columns.