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How to Plant and Grow Gazanias

How to Plant and Grow Gazanias

Gazania is very easy to grow due to its extreme heat and drought tolerance. It has beautiful flowers that stretch up to 4 inches across and come in bright colors. Gazania is most commonly grown as an annual. However, there are several perennial varieties that can survive winters down to zone 4.

Although very similar in appearance, hardy and annual gazania have some differences. The most common Gazania are annual varieties and tend to have larger flowers, brighter colors, and slightly larger leaves with silvery-white undersides. They also bloom more often and longer. Perennial varieties, on the other hand, have a simpler color—flowers that are only seen in summer are usually monochromatic with minimal markings. They also tend to have slightly smaller buds and more leaves overall.

It is important to note that the flowers of all Gazania varieties are only open during the day. Buds are kept tightly closed at night and even on stormy or cloudy days.