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How to Care for Cotyledon Pendens

How to Care for Cotyledon Pendens

Cotyledon Pendens, the beautiful hanging succulent also called Cliff Cotyledon. Cliff Cotyledon is native to South Africa and grows on steep cliffs with round, fresh leaves and bell-shaped orange flowers. A member of the Crassulaceae family, Cotyledon pendens is easy to grow and is often used as a decoration in the home and office. The easy-care succulent is the perfect houseplant for those who don’t have a green thumb.

The cotyledon pendens flowers when it is feeling happy. The falling leaves with pink bell flowers look like a beauty! A succulent this unique smells so good, like honey or lemon, and some people think it’s a woody scent.In this article we will explore how to care for the charming succulent Cotyledon Pendens:

How to take care of Cotyledon Pendens
Like most cotyledon succulents, cotyledon pendens require little maintenance but plenty of sunlight. Full to partial sunlight is ideal for the succulent species, sufficient light for around 6-8 hours allows it to retain its full body and in the sun you can expect them to turn bolder colors like reds and pinks. While lots of sunlight can keep your Cotyledon Pendens happy, that doesn’t mean he should have full direct sunlight throughout the day. The bright sun can cause sunburn.

So keep the succulent species in a sunny spot out of direct sunlight. For example, you can grow Cotyledon Pendens outdoors in spring and autumn if your area, where the sun is mild and not intense at that time, is too strong.When growing cotyledon succulents indoors, the south-facing windowsill is ideal. Remember to rotate them and provide shade when summer comes. To prevent Cotyledon pendens from shedding leaves in winter due to lack of light, you can even add grow lights.


With thick leaves, cotyledon succulents can store a lot of water. Therefore, neglect is permissible. On the contrary, frequent watering is bad for its health and may even kill your succulent! As a drought tolerant succulent, Cotyledon pendens doesn’t like sitting in wet soil for long periods of time, overwatering and frequent watering put your succulent at risk of rot.

Just remember these tips:
Use your fingers or wet tools to check if the soil is completely dry.
Watch your cotyledon pendens, a wrinkled leaf on the underside means under water.
Soak thoroughly until additional water comes out of the drain holes.
In winter and summer it should be watered less often.
Try not to wet the leaves when watering.
After watering, place your succulents in the aerated position.