Thursday , 23 March 2023
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Grow vegetables at home

Grow vegetables at home

Planting an orchard and vegetable garden is within the reach of anyone who has an outdoor space and plenty of sunlight. While many vegetables like cucumbers and squashes need a lot of space to spread out (and most plants will benefit from more space), there are plenty of options for patio gardeners too.

Before you start planning and planting, here’s a timing tip: know your last frost date. The Last Frost Date is the average date of the last frost in your area and is a turning point for vegetable growing. Some spring produce can be planted before your last frost date, but summer vegetables like tomatoes and peppers will have to wait until after. Research your date online; The information from your state’s counseling service is usually the most accurate and reliable.

Now for the fun stuff. Here is a list of plants that you can try at home with a good chance of success. Start small, and after a season you’ll be settling for nothing but building your own.