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Grow this way and Eggplants produce more fruit

Grow this way and Eggplants produce more fruit

Aubergines – you love them or hate them. This misunderstood vegetable has very few lukewarm fans.

Even those of us who love the creamy taste of perfectly cooked eggplant rarely think about planting them in the garden.

They have a reputation for being a pretty picky vegetable. Knowing a little more about the needs of these beautiful plants makes growing them a lot easier.

Whether you grow them in your garden or in a container, eggplants can make an excellent addition to your home crop each year.

Aubergines are native to Asia and, like tomatoes and peppers, belong to the nightshade family. They are a fruit, although we generally think of them as a vegetable. In other parts of the world, eggplants are known as eggplant or aubergine.

All in all they are one of my personal favorites that I plant in my garden every year. I hope you will give way to these wonderful fruits this growing season.

These bushy plants take up a lot of space in the garden, but some varieties also do well in containers.

Eggplants are warmth-loving and do best in areas with long, hot summers. However, that doesn’t mean that places with shorter growing seasons have to do without it.

There are some excellent fast-maturing strains that will also give you a nice fruit yield, like the sleek and delicious Japanese Eggplant.

I would recommend planting from seed if you want a variety beyond the usual Black Beauty, which are the most commonly found eggplants for nursery starts.

However, as their popularity grows, one can now often find Japanese/Asian or even white aubergines in nurseries.