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Gorgeous rattan bedroom furniture ideas

Gorgeous rattan bedroom furniture ideas

In the 70s it was all the rage: rattan chairs, rattan baskets and rattan garden furniture. A trend that many believed was finally over, rattan has been making a comeback for over 50 years and now it’s bigger than ever. Crafted from woven wood, rattan has a warm, relaxed look reminiscent of a crowded beach bar on a tropical vacation. It’s the perfect way to weave texture and warmth into your space and create a holiday home atmosphere all year round.

Whether you categorize your interior design as traditional, boho-chic, maximalist, or ultra-modern, there are ways to incorporate rattan furniture into any bedroom style. From essential storage to smaller pieces of furniture, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best rattan bedroom furniture ideas to help you successfully incorporate this material into your space.

How do I decorate my home with rattan?
Consider the overall style and theme of your bedroom before deciding how to incorporate rattan furniture. Rattan is synonymous with bohemian design, which means it wouldn’t be out of place to include a wide range of rattan furniture in a bohemian-inspired bedroom. On the other hand, if you have a traditional style home, you may want to pare this down to rattan accents, for example, so it doesn’t overpower your existing decor.

What colors and materials go well with rattan?
Rattan wood is a neutral color, so consider pairing it with similar earth tones (think burnt orange, mustard, and coffee brown). Light neutral palettes and sweet pastels also blend seamlessly with the warmth of rattan. If color is more your thing, why not paint your rattan furniture in bold colors to match your maximalist tastes?

When it comes to materials, we recommend combining your rattan furniture with other types of wood and natural textiles for a soft, warm feel. Other natural textures that work well with rattan include seagrass, bamboo, linen and cotton. Complete your natural bedroom aesthetic with some flowering houseplants for a totally tropical look.