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Garden Decor Hacks – Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Garden Decor Hacks – Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Looking for quick and easy garden decorating ideas? Here are some easy garden decorating hacks that won’t break the bank. Outdoor Decorating Ideas on a Budget Old toys make great planters, and you can pick them up at thrift stores and flea markets for next to nothing. For example, fill the bed of a toy dump truck with potting soil and plant it with succulents or colorful annuals. Metal or plastic lunch boxes will also work.

Similarly, old, rusty, or battered wheelbarrows or toolboxes make great upcycled DIY garden ornaments when planted in a variety of colorful flowers, along with hanging plants like bacopa or calibrachoa to soften the edges. Be sure to dig a few holes in the soil to provide drainage and prevent plants from rotting. Don’t limit yourself to that – try planting in an old dresser, desk, or even chairs.

Solar powered fairy lights or fairy lights are among the best outdoor decorating ideas ever on a budget. Place sparkling lights along a fence, on a corner of a roof or porch, on the edge of a balcony, in a gazebo, around a tree or light pole, or anywhere you want to add a little whimsy. Tire transplanters are a great way to recycle old tires, which are usually destroyed by burning and emit toxins into the air. Paint the hoops with non-toxic outdoor paint and arrange them in single hoops or row arrangements. There are a few possible factors to consider; Remember that tires heat up the soil quickly, so choose plants that can handle the extra heat. Some experts are of the opinion that tires should not be used for planting edibles. It is also true that toxins can enter the soil, but this happens very slowly, over a period of years. Here’s a super simple idea that will dress up a wooden fence: just drill a few holes in the fence and plug the holes with cheap glass marbles. The marbles glow when the sun hits them. The holes should be slightly smaller than the marbles so they fit snugly.