Thursday , 17 November 2022
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Yellow Tops – A Matter of Taste

Yellow Tops – A Matter of Taste

We all wonder what top to wear whether it is a summer concert night, a autumn night out with girls, a picnic on a windy Sunday of spring or a BBQ on a cold night and it has happened to us too often that we have lost count of how many times we have ended up wearing the yellow top.

I know all the ladies must be nodding at that.

It doesn’t even matter if the top is an old one with holes on the sleeves or is a brand new one that we, the ladies, just couldn’t stop ourselves from buying at the mall a week before.

The reason behind our attraction to yellow tops is simple: we are just attracted to the colour. The colour yellow is not only easy on the eyes but it is also exudes positivity, illumination and happiness. It produces a warming effect and arouses cheerfulness in a person. Don’t get me wrong, the cuts and design matters as well, but I think we all can just agree to one thing, yellow does make everything look better. This color relates to a person’s acquired knowledge, what we know as the intellect. It is the color which is connected with the left or logic side of the brain, which makes sense when it is claimed that it stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy.

Moreover, it is very effective for attracting attention, so women can use it to highlight the most important elements of your design of a shirt. As for the sleeves with the holes, you have two options you can chose from: one, either go sleeveless or just wear a jacket over the yellow top. What others can’t see, they won’t know and what they won’t know, won’t hurt them. Right? :p