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Womens Jean Jacket – Renovate and Innovate

Womens Jean Jacket – Renovate and Innovate

Denim jackets are easily one of the most alluring and attractive fashion items. Their appeal and style draws you over and they are so simply made you can’t help but think how perfect these are. And on top of all that they suit everyone. Womens jean jacket is a hit amongst ladies and for good reason. But when your denim jacket starts showing signs of age and gives you the hint to throw it away…it actually is not. There are multiple ways to renovate your old womens jean jacket.


You can either soak the jacket entirely in bleach or half of it, or only some parts of it. It is up to you! Some recommend using a sponge and randomly bleaching certain parts.

Stud It Up

Packs of 100 attachable studs for $3 are sold at StudsAndSpikes but there are other varying sizes you can try out. Use your innovation to style your womens jean jacket.

Crop It

Snip off the end of the jacket turning it into a mini jacket. You can either tuck and stich the ends or leave it frayed.

Ombre Dye It

Use different color paints to dip separate parts of your jacket in them. Red sleeves, pink hem, blue collar?

Permanent Markers

Feeling bored? Grab a pack of permanent markers and doodle away at your womens jean jacket. Make sure you use plenty of colors to create an amazing display. If anything goes wrong just dye the jacket black.

Attach Sleeves

If you have a sleeveless womens jean jacket, it will be easy for you to add sleeves that you have tailored on your own or snipped them off another old clothing piece you have.

Bye Bye Sleeves

Got a sleeved womens jean jacket? Cut off the sleeves and fray the edges and turn  your jacket to a punk rocker one.


If you’re good at this then it will be a great past time for you to embroider the pockets and sleeve hems. But if you’re not embroidered patches are sold at cloth stores.