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Womens Coat – How Many Styles?

Womens Coat – How Many Styles?

Keeping your wardrobe full of different designs and styles is something that is not an option but a must. Especially when it comes to overalls. In winter or when the weather starts to get chilly you want to make sure you have a wardrobe stocked with different chic designs and elegant styles so you do not have to step out every day wearing the same jacket or coat. Speaking of coats, coats are the best way to ensure yourself a day full of warmth and you can stay looking elegant and chic. Here are a couple of different styles you want to check out before shopping for womens coat:

Cape Coat

A very dramatic pick this one, unless you are sure you will be wearing a fashion statement outfit, do not go for this style. You could call it a very special one as it only looks good with a select number of looks.

Capelet Womens Coat

You could call this one the elder sister of the cape coat. Once again a very sensitive item to be placing in your wardrobe but if you’re feeling bold go for it.

Womens Car Coat

The most common type of womens coat, this one, you must have seen it a bunch of different times on Polyvore outfits. With a simple cut and design you can effortlessly pull it off with a classy outfit.

Pea Coat for Women

You can find this womens coat in many different lengths which makes it a great pick for many ladies. You can have 2-3 different styles of this style and they will not even look the same. Go for colors like beige, nude, burgundy, black, grey and light brown.

Double & Single Breasted Trench Womens Coat

Trench coats have probably existed way before all these different styles. Perfect for rainy or blustery weather, go for warm materials and muted hues to look your best.