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Women Jeans – All The Different Styles

Women Jeans – All The Different Styles

Since the past couple of years, jeans have become a wardrobe staple for almost everyone. Every time you go out and face some difficulty in picking out an outfit, a pair of jeans will always be there to save the day. And the best thing about jeans is that they come in various colors, designs and most of all styles. Different styles of this fashion item encouraged people to go out and get a bunch of them. With the each style you have in your wardrobe a plethora of outfits can be made out of them. Today you will be reading all about the different styles of women jeans.

Wide Leg Women Jeans

A classical and very modest styles that suit for women searching for a formal and elegant pair of jeans either for work or a formal event. A perfect work look would consist of this style jeans with a dress shirt tucked in and peep toe heels.

Bell Bottom Women Jeans

Quite the vintage style this one, you can wear it for themed parties, fashionable everyday looks, and other chic events. If you can find a high waisted version of this style then that is even better.

Bootcut Women Jeans

A bit like bell bottom jeans these ones are a subtler version of them. The difference being that bell bottom jeans’ flare starts exactly at the knee area while bootcut women jeans start a little lower and they don’t spread out wide at the hem. You could call them a slimmer and less dramatic bell bottoms.

Boyfriend Jeans

Nearly always these jeans are a bit wider than skinny jeans. Not fitting and not too baggy they also fold up at the ankles. You will also always find women boyfriend jeans either ripped/tattered or distressed.

Straight Women Jeans

Their name says it all. The cut and style of the jeans are straight and flow straight from the hip area directly vertically.

Skinny Jeans

These are the most popular ones and you already know all about them.