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Why Scrunch Bikini Bottoms Are The Best

Why Scrunch Bikini Bottoms Are The Best

When shopping for bikinis, every girl should pay a lot of attention to how she will look like in those bikinis. Keeping your body shape and figure in mind is one of the biggest aspects you should take care of when going bikini shopping. For example, if you have a broad waist and want to transform it to a slimmer one with means of a swimsuit, this cut out one on BooHoo is your best choice. There are many ways you can make your body look exceptional without the use of workouts or anything but simply with a tastefully chosen bikini. And speaking of flattering bikinis, every girl seeks out a type of bikini bottom that compliments her derriere.

Why Wear Scrunch Bikini Bottoms?

Just the thing you have always been looking for, scrunch bikini bottoms are the perfect pair to flatter your butt. Their design and cut makes them a perfect choice for many girls. Right in the middle of the item there is a ruched vertical line which pulls in the fabric towards the middle. In that way, your rear looks fuller.

Types of Scrunch Bikini Bottoms 

There are of course different types of scrunch bikini bottoms, like there are with every type of bikini bottoms. You have ones that have more fabric to them like shown in the first picture; they are called Brazillian Cheeky Cuts. And others which are considerably smaller and more thong like (shown in the 3rd picture) called Pro Cuts. You also have different designs like ruched, frilly, two toned, v shaped, high waisted and many more.

Shop Them

There are a countless number of outlets and retailers, you can visit, that stock a countless number of scrunch bikini bottoms. Forever Young Swimwear and Brazilian Bikini Shop are just the most popular ones that everyone opts for (thanks to their huge stock and variety).