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When NOT to Wear Boot Heels

When NOT to Wear Boot Heels

There are certain limitations and boundaries that have been set for good reason when it comes to fashion. Yes, fashion is a very wide area of expertise and you can always mix up different items from different times and trends together but when it comes to certain items like boot heels, you should take great care. These types of shoes are very versatile and are always available in different colors, styles and designs; correct! But, sometimes some women have the misfortune to mix up the wrong styles with the wrong outfits. This article here is to help you out when it comes to that:

Cowgirl Boot Heels with Flowy White Dress

Cowgirl boots initially are not to be worn with dresses of this sort. Flowy dresses with elegant detail like drawstring sleeves and a ruched waist should be paired with cute ankle booties, no? Stay away from that outfit ladies!

Tassled Boot Heels with Ripped Skinnies

If you want to give off a total trashy look then you can opt for such an outfit. Ripped skinnies should be dealt with like art. And with knee/thigh high tasseled boot heels, you will be completely ruining the look. Instead, go for slim fit jeans (a little loose) and opt for leather lace up booties.

Lace Thigh Highs with Animal Prints

These two completely different fashion styles should never be paired together unless you want to be the next fashion disaster. With animal prints go for bold boot heels like leather or chunky heeled ones. As for the lace thigh highs, next time pair with some other softer looking dress.

Leather Thigh High Boot Heels…TO WORK?

Absolutely not ladies! There are many ways you can absolutely staggeringly gorgeous to work but leather thigh highs are a NO! Especially when you pair them with a patterned skirt.