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What to Wear With Mens Jeans

What to Wear With Mens Jeans

Having a very simple item in your wardrobe that you want to change into something bigger and better is quite a task. Something like a simple pair of mens jeans can live to be a great pain. Trying to make our outfit look chic and smart without going overboard with the expensive styles and unnecessary accessories is a hard job for anyone. But with the outfit ideas below you can gain some inspiration and help to keep your ensemble looking sleek and smart. Take a look:

Black Skinny Jeans 

With black skinny mens jeans, your options are endless, literally! But a super simple and effortless outfit you can opt for is with a pair of navy sneakers and a chambray shirt. This look is perfect for spring.

Hipster Look

Another fun way to help give your outfit inspiration is by delving into new and different cultures and trends. For example, the hipster trend brings you this outfit: black V-neck quarter button tee, distressed mens jeans, simple flip flops, brown braided belt and flat top sunglasses.

Knee Ripped Skinny Mens Jeans

Knee ripped mens jeans have become a very big hit in the fashion industry. Pair these jeans with something just as trendy like a white tank and a leather jacket with a Panama hat and sunnies. Keep your look casual in simple black shoes.

Cuffed Mens Jeans

Cuffed mens jeans are like Capris but more manly! But they still hold the versatility of Capris and are immensely important in every wardrobe. For this look, opt for black cuffed jeans with a black longline tee. Or a simple button up baggy formal shirt with loosely folded sleeves.

Dapper Dude!

Mens jeans are not only available in blue and black colors. You can also find white jeans. A simple formal look fit for parties and events would need a light blue formal shirt, cobalt blue blazer, white jeans and a pair of brown shoes.