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What to Wear with Maternity Shirts

What to Wear with Maternity Shirts

Maternity is a hard time for all expectant mothers. Nothing can seem to rid away the constant cravings, mood swings and changes to all your body parts. Instead, you can seek out some passionate interest in other things. Taking up hobbies, working out or doing yoga every day helps in keeping your mind off of the horrible prospect on the whole. Indulging in fashion is also another great past time and therapeutic activity you might want to contemplate taking up. You must be very familiar with maternity shirts, and you can start from there. Start mixing up different looks and outfits with your maternity tops and reap a very stylish result. Need ideas? Check the list below out:

Skirt and Belt

Going for maternity shirts that are striped or hold chic patterns on them is recommended by all, no doubt! But you can create the most stylish of looks with such maternity shirts, a skirt, a belt and pantyhose.

Overlarge Maternity Shirts

Different than fitted and slim fit maternity shirts, an overlarge one exudes elegance of all forms. For example, opt for a denim/chambray shirt and in XL/XXL size depending on your usual clothing size. Opt for a chic sash above your waist of the same denim color.

High Waisted Loose Skirt

For the perfect “Mom” look that brings a wave of comfort and elegance over you opt for a high-waisted skirt or one that you can pull over your baby bump. Maternity shirts will not be needed for this look but instead, go for a camisole and tuck it in your skirt.


Comfort is the number 1 concern of every mother. No matter what she is wearing it has to be soft, comfy and most of all snuggly. Nothing feels better to wear with maternity shirts than a pair of leggings.