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What to Wear with A White Pleated Skirt

What to Wear with A White Pleated Skirt

It is common knowledge that skirts come in all different shapes, sizes, designs and styles. But it takes time to find the skirt that you love the most. Pleated skirts are a popular type of skirts that look great on everyone and always look fresh and brand new. Maybe it is the effect of their design or their cut, maybe it is a mix of both! No one really knows the reason why a pleated skirt always looks so good no matter what it is paired with. If you have never worn these before you probably should start now. Read about a few cute pleated skirt outfits below:

Blouse and Heels

Pleated skirts are such great fashion pieces that you should not worry about layering and finding sophisticated tops to match them with it. It looks great when it is at its simplest. Pair your white pleated skirt with a light pink blouse and heels for a super simple outfit.

Sweater Weather

Whether your pleated skirt reaches your thighs or your calves a sweater will always look good when partnered with it. Grab a cute little bag to complete your look and a pair of platform shoes.

High Waisted Pleated Skirt

There is nothing better than a high waisted skirt. Find yourself a high-waisted pleated skirt and match with a sleeveless v necked top, camo jacket and gladiator sandals.

Mettalics and Whites

For a perfect party look; get a pleated skirt in metallic color and join it with a full sleeve bateau neckline top. Tuck the top in to your skirt for a neat look.

Maxi Pleated Skirt

If you can find a pleated skirt that reaches your ankles then you are in luck for you can match it with many elegant tops. Opt for a white/cream skirt and match with a denim shirt preferably knotted at the front. Don’t forget the platform heels.