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What to Pair with White Coats

What to Pair with White Coats

White is a super versatile color. It can be matched with nearly every other color including its actual opposite one; black. Many people like to fill their wardrobe with white clothes of all sorts because this color is not only super chic but it is like a fresh spritz of mint perfume in your life. Even in the cold days of winter, white looks great. Talking about winter, white coats are a big hit in every wardrobe. They look neat and stylish and make you feel like a star in seconds. Here’s what you can pair with a white coat.

Unbuttoned and Free

If your coat is a no-button type, then that is a great plus point. That means more of your stylish outfit can be visible. An optimum look would be: distressed denims, big gray high neck sweater and nude heels.

White and Black 

Everyone says the world is not black and white. How about you make your world black and white with this aesthetic look. You will need: black skinny jeans, white fuzzy sweater (tuck it in your denims), black handbag and chunky boot heels along with your white mink coat.

Baggy and You Love It

Stop jumping your way into skinnies and tights and opt for this baggy and loosely fitted look: black cuffed trousers, white scoop neckline shirt loosely tucked in trousers along with a baggy white coat. Opt for flats instead of heels to complete the effect of the outfit.

Leather and Beanies

When it is cold in LA, you see all those models dressing up in the sexiest yet chicest way possible. Here’s how you can copy one of their famous signature looks: leather leggings, flats, v necked top, white button up coat, slouchy beanie and black aviator classics sunglasses.White coats of all sorts match with this look.