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What to Do With Red Leggings from Xmas

What to Do With Red Leggings from Xmas

The holidays came by and you went shopping and oh, the sales on all the fashion items were undeniably attracting. Yep! And now you have a heck load of red leggings that match the festive redness of Christmas. Well, you can always stow them away in some cranny of your wardrobe for next Christmas. And when next Christmas comes by, you would have well forgotten about them. Hello, new stock of red clothes! But, why stow away these fashion items that have so much potential? Yes, you can do a lot with red tights. Regardless of the shade and style. Here are some outfit ideas you can try out, or recreate from them to suit your wardrobe’s limits:

Knitted Dress and Scarf

Have you heard of knitted dresses? Yes, they are a thing and they look absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous. Check out the variety at ASOS and BooHoo. Find one in a matching color to your red leggings! Pair with a chic scarf and tadaa!

Shirt and Blazer

Taking inspiration from the one and only Kim Kardashian you can recreate the look with a pair of burgundy leggings and a snow white shirt. Throw a blazer on top and some sneakers for a laid back effect.

Casual Boyfriend Shirt Look

Throw on your red leggings and join with a random t shirt. It could be printed, striped, dotted…etc and shrug a plaid/checked boyfriend shirt on top. Boho zipper boots are best paired with this look.

Statement Shirt

Go for the simplest look with this one. Choose and absolutely stunning shirt from your collection that sports a strong message and/or some pretty cool graphics like this artsy one and this will be it. A fashionably strong shirt will construct the look.

All Red

Pick a pretty red dress from your wardrobe and wear it with your red leggings for an all red outfit. Layers will worsen this outfit do stay away from them.