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Wear Blue Shoes Strikingly

Wear Blue Shoes Strikingly

Blue is known to be a great color for everyone. There is a shade called Royal Blue, and makes us all very aware of how much of a big deal this color is. Best of all, blue is a color that looks lively and fresh with everything. Even with colors that are very unique and only can be paired with a select number of other shades, blue will always compliment them. Hues like yellow, burgundy, khaki, pink, red and orange look like they are at their prime when paired with blue. Here are some outfits that wisely plays with colors of all sorts. You will find them interesting to say the least:

Blue Work Look

This look will be playing with different shades of blue instead of other colors. Go for navy colored jeans, a top with widely spaced apart squares (black and white, dark blue blazer and cobalt blue shoes. A clutch in the color white or black will match.

Greeny Blue Chic Outfit

Distressed blue jeans will be the base you will be working with, in this look. It would be nice if they reached above the ankles with a bit. Pair with a light green top, white blazer and a big white tote. Add sunnies and a pair of bright blue shoes.

Summer Patterns

Yellow skinny jeans and a patterned top are the best two things you can work with. Yellow being a bright and sunshine-y look will seal the look of summery-spring in your outfit. Go for a top with black as a base color and other multicolored patterns. Don’t forget the blue shoes.

Chill Look with Baseball Hat

For this look you will need a leather skirt, a short sleeve top with designs or patterns (leave untucked), blue shoes, a clutch and a baseball hat.