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Ways to Style A Cotton Maxi Dress

Ways to Style A Cotton Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are most usually always dependent on textures and materials. Prints, colors and designs are very common meaning you can find them everywhere and it is easy to make a selection. Materials on the other hand are hard to take your pick from them. There are so many different ones and you have no idea what makes them better or different. But as summer 2017 is approaching, you want to start looking at lighter, softer and cooling materials. A cotton maxi dress is the most ideas item you can wear in summer. It covers all your skin protecting you from heat. is available in light colors to repel heat and best of all the material is very ideal when it comes to heat and comfort. Read about some to style your cotton maxi dress look:

Denim Shirt on Top of Your Cotton Maxi Dress

With maxi dresses of light color opt for a light wash denim shirt on top. A shirt is lighter than a jacket and more versatile. You can knot it at the front, roll up the sleeves, leave it completely unbuttoned…etc.

A Hat and Sunnies with Your Cotton Maxi Dress

In summer you want to make sure you are well protected from the sun. Keeping your face and eyes averted from sunlight with the two most fashionable accessories ever: a hat and sunglasses is a great choice to make.

Opt for A Thigh Slit Cotton Maxi Dress

The best way to ensure a healthy air ventilation system around your legs and during summer is with a cotton maxi dress with thigh slits. Even better if you find a double thigh slitted cotton maxi dress. Stay comfortable and cool with style!

Add a Belt 

Keeping your outfit looking simple but chic with a belt is a great idea. According to your cotton maxi dress style, opt for a statement belt. It could be a double buckled one, floral printed, chunky or so slim you can’t see it.