Thursday , 17 November 2022
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Ways of Wearing A Vest for Men

Ways of Wearing A Vest for Men

There are many ways of keeping your outfits looking stylish and trendy. Whether it is by wearing a chic overall or a shiny pair of shoes, maybe even a pair of sunglasses. It entirely matters on how you wear them and style them. Vest for men is one of those items that you can wear and your outfit will look 10 times better. You might notice that these are the same overalls you wear with suits. Except that, that no longer is a hard and fast rule. You can wear them with other outfits too. Check out these ideas below:

Corduroy Trousers Look

Corduroys are the best thing that has ever been welcomed in fashion, for both men and women. For this look, you will need a pair of them in the color brown, a pinstriped formal shirt, a black vest for men and a pair of brown boots.

How About Jeans?

Jeans look great with everything, no? For a perfect laidback yet sophisticated outfit you will need these items: white crew neck full sleeve shirt, plaid flannel, brown vest for men and a pair of dark blue jeans. Top off with any type of casual shoes.

Suspenders and Berets Kinda Look

Bringing back traditional vintage looks is super fun. You will need a white formal shirt, dark brown bow tie, light brown vest for men, suspenders and brown jeans. Pair everything with a gray beret and black formal shoes. Keep the sleeves rolled up.

Keep It Hipster Chic

Changing the way you wear and dress up is advised by fashion experts. For example, try this look: blue straight leg trousers, thin brown belt, green v necked top (tucked into the pants), a blue vest for men matching the same color of your trousers and a green and white checkered coat.