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Vintage Floral Skirts Looks

Vintage Floral Skirts Looks

Every girl yearns for vintage outfits in her wardrobe. There is a charm about the good ol’ days that you can’t shake off no matter how hard you try. Not only are they beautiful from every dimension but they also featured the best fashion items of all time. One of those fashion items were floral skirts. The grandest of designs were implemented on the highest quality skirts for the princesses of England and so it goes, you know the drill! But to this day, floral skirts are still a big hit whether they are short or long, every girl loves floral patterns. Here are a few vintage themed outfits you can try out with the skirt you have at hand (no mini ones).

With Black, Wear Black

If your floral skirts’ pattern has black in it whether it is the background color or the flowers, pair with a black and white striped top. A plain black top will not only look depressing but out of style. Add sandals and copy any old fashion hairdo.

Pair with a Floral Top

It might seem wonky to you but adding a top to your floral skirts’ outfit that features the very same pattern is tricky but totally worth it. Your look will resemble a dress but not exactly that. For double-event days you can carry along an extra top to change quickly and Viola! A whole new outfit!

A White Top Always Wins

Choose a snowy white top with your floral skirt and you will most definitely achieve a beautiful vintage look. Pair with a knotted headband and old fashion sandals.

Hipster-Vintage Also Works

Go for a floral skirt with tiny flowers, pair with a black sleeveless top and on top wear a baggy woolen sweater. Go for a sweater that is loosely knitted resulting in little gaps between the woolen strings. That accentuates the hipster look. Pair with black boots, a black bowler hat and black sunnies (the vintage type)