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Variant Ball Gown Dresses Styles

Variant Ball Gown Dresses Styles

Ball gown dresses own a ginormous collection of different styles. The styles are not only very detailed but extremely vast in number. You can expect to find tens of different necklines, flows, falls, cuts, sleeves, tops, skirts, designs…etc. There is no limit for ball gowns are only worn for lavish and luxurious events and one must always look their best when this sort of event swings by. Creating an impression on the guests and making sure you look amazing is practically all the reason why women love to attend lavish events. So, dolling yourself up and being super extra with paying minute attention to all the detail available in ball gowns is necessary. Check out all the different styles.


The main types of necklines that you can find ball gown dresses available in are these seven:

  • Surplice neckline (a V neck but both the straps overlap each other)
  • V neckline
  • Jewel neckline (a very tiny scoop neck)
  • Scoop neckline
  • Boat neckline
  • Sweetheart neckline
  • Square neckline

There are of course others like off shoulder, bateau, halter, cowl, high collar, sabrina, spaghetti strap and hug shoulder but they are not part of the main categories.


This category is of course a bit more limited than necklines (which is a good thing, you will not get lost in the selections). You have the main ones which are:

  • Full Sleeve
  • 3/4 Sleeves
  • Half Sleeves
  • Short Sleeves
  • Long Sleeves

Then, as always, there come the others which pay more attention to small detail like ruffles and more. They are; juliette, puff, butterfly, bell, bishop, tulip, raglan, set in, poet, ruching and boning. You probably will not find all these sleeves available on ball gown dresses, but if you tailor yourself a dress you can place an order for whatever you like. Some of the popular styles will be available in stores and well known online retailers.