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Types of Women’s Pajamas and How to Make Your Choice

Types of Women’s Pajamas and How to Make Your Choice

Buying and choosing sleepwear is one of the most important things to look forward to when going shopping! Ladies and gents must find a perfect pair of pajamas to soothe them and make them feel comfortable when they lay in bed after a busy day. Women’s pajamas have a huge section in every shopping mall and online store. There are many types of women’s pajamas meaning it will be sort of difficult taking your pick and making a decision.

Full Button-up Shirt and Trousers

The shirt is as titled, a button up but might or might not have buttons on the sleeves. The collar will be somewhat splayed giving enough space and room for your neck. The trousers are normal with an elastic band and maybe drawstrings.

Cami and Knickers

This type is very popular amongst women as it is very comfortable and frees the arms and legs to move swiftly. The knickers are more like boy shorts but a little wider and longer.

Camisole and Shorts

Looking very much like the previous type this one most of the times has a stitched in bra with the camisole and is shorter. Not to mention comes in prettier variations and detail like lace, embroidery, and beads.


Only worn with itself, a sleep shirt resembles an overlong t-shirt (can also be a shirt). You can find it at cheaper prices than the rest as it is a single item. Panties can be worn underneath.


Almost an unlikely choice for many, women like to wear robes for sleeping as they are mighty comfortable and extremely warm. The company UGG has specially designed robes which are lined with fleece on the inside and look/feel super cozy and snug.

Silk Pajamas

Deserving an entire category for themselves, silk pajamas are the best types of women’s pajamas to get. Not only is silk one of the best materials to wear for sleeping but the designs the PJs come in are highly versatile and pretty.