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Types of Running Clothing

Types of Running Clothing

Sports is a great activity to indulge in, in your free time. Encourage yourself to go running as a primary step towards the betterment of your health. Running clothes are an important part of running. Scratch that! They are the most important part of running. With the wrong clothing or equipment, running can be a real pain (in the negative meaning). Running clothing is the best way to make sure you are benefitting greatly from this healthy exercise. Now, there are different types of running clothes for men and women so here’s a list of all the ones there are.

For Women

Choosing a top/shirt is never a hassle or a challenge. A simple breathable t shirt will do or even a bra. There is and was never an issue with running shirts but with the bottoms. Running is all about the movement of the legs and with the wrong pair of bottoms you can ruin for yourself this lovable exercise.

Athletic shorts are the best option for many girls. They stay out of your way and are super breathable. Leggings are the next option but not many choose those as leggings are more beneficial in exercises like yoga. So are capri leggings! But in winter, leggings are an optimum choice.

For Men

Most of the times you see men slipping into a casual tank with a pair of shorts to go for their daily run. But, those are actually gym clothes. You see, running does not need workout clothes but running clothing. And what makes the two very different is that running clothes are tighter than workout clothing.

Tighter yet breathable, you can run faster with fitted clothes. So a tight t shirt with short and fitting shorts is the perfect look you want to go for when running.