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Types of Designer Evening Dresses To Choose From

Types of Designer Evening Dresses To Choose From

Dresses are a focal part of every woman’s wardrobe. But it is the different types and styles that steal the show. Having plenty of dresses in your wardrobe to wear whenever the occasion calls for them is a witty thing to do. Variation is always supposed to be a part of your wardrobe. Confining your styles and outfits to a certain genre or niche is the opposite of how closets work. For example; for work days you need formal dresses, for weekends you need casual dresses, for parties you need party dresses and best of all for glamorous dinners and classy events in your life you need designer evening dresses. With the plethora of styles and designs ahead of you, here are some that take the cake:

Black with Thigh Slits

Nothing exudes elegance and sexy more than designer evening dresses with thigh slits. The color black especially which has a certain dark touch to it is best suited for this style. But red, the color of lust, is also said to be a good candidate.

Lace with Mesh Detail 

Lace dresses are out of this worldly beautiful and gorgeous. Opt for a high neck, full sleeve, floor length lace designer evening dresses in any color. The mesh detail peeks through the lace and creates a dimensional look.

Bodycon Designer Evening Dresses 

Bodycon dresses are known for their elegance and sexiness. Go for a floor length one that flares a little after the knee (somehow like a mermaid dress). Such designer evening dresses are perfect for balls.

Empire Waistlines

If you are one to always splurge on stunning designer evening dresses, then an empire waistline is what you should go for. Make sure the skirt (bottom part of the dress, after the waist line) is layered and has embellishments for a more expensive look.