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Tunic Tops for Women – Fun, Stylish and Trendy

Tunic Tops for Women – Fun, Stylish and Trendy

Tunics date back to centuries ago in the ancient Roman time when fashion did not exist and all that men and women wore were loosely fitted cloth shaped like a waist cinched dress. Most of the times there was a belt that created the cinching effect and it was also used like a belt for hanging odd bits of leather and tools while working. But tunics have transformed greatly since the last time they were worn in Rome and Greece. Now tunic tops for women are the epitome of elegance and beauty.

Different Styles

Just like every other fashion piece, tunic tops for women are available in a hundred different styles and designs. The various designs deal with certain areas of the clothing piece like the hemline, sleeves, neckline, cut, collar, ruffles, pockets…etc. There is no actual limit to the list that keeps going on and on.

Tunic Dresses

Just like there is a thing called tshirt and shirt dresses, tunic dresses are the same. Dresses adopting the design and style of tunic tops for women! They are actually really beautiful and you can check them out here at NewLook.

So In General What Are Tunics?

They are not baggy shirts if that is what you are thinking. Tunics happen to lie inside the big category of shirts. They have characteristics that are very different and precise. For starters, they are always baggy and flowy. You cannot find a tight tunic top or a fitting one. They are always a little looser and baggier which is a plus point.

Also, nearly every other tunic top has pleats at the waist or right below the chest. Not to mention, the clothing piece’s nature is to flow and you will notice that many designs have asymmetrical cuts leading to droopy edges which look fabulous.