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The Hottest & Latest Fashion Trends of 2017

The Hottest & Latest Fashion Trends of 2017

The New Year parties are still simmering down and people’s expectations are high. 2017 is finally upon us and as much as we all are wishing that this year should be a blast, the ladies are more looking forward to what 2017 has in store concerning fashion. Every big brand and retailer was waiting for the moment to release all their new designs and looks. And finally, they are all here. All the designs, shirts, dresses, trends…etc.

The latest fashion trends of 2017’s spring style book are many in number. But probably the hottest and chicest ones are listed below:

Candy Stripes

You will be seeing a lot of these in the market and on the bodies of famous celebs and models. So make sure you get a shirt/dress with stripes to fit in.

Army Khaki

Women are searching for ways to reinvent streetwear to formal wear and here is your chance. Khaki, normally the color for informal products is now on dresses, coats, high heels and many more.

Banana Yellow

Never saw yourself wearing the color yellow? Well it’s time your envisioning abilities need to see further. Every shade of yellow will be lining stores uptown and downtown.

One Shoulder Cut

Forget off shouldered shirts and dresses, the one shoulder cut fashion items will rock the world as well as your wardrobe. The style is both unique and bizarre at the same time which gives off a great vibe.

Corset Waists

The runway has yet again pulled something out of the ordinary pile and threw it in the extraordinary jumble of the latest fashion trends, and boy is not it amazing. You no longer have to hide the corsets you wear all day. It’s time to flaunt those.

Large Trench Coats

Trench coats are normally supposed to be large and covering but this time they are large! Oh they are very large with huge buckles and flowy fabric.