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The Finest Silk Blouse Outfits

The Finest Silk Blouse Outfits

Silk blouses are kind of a big deal in the world of fashionistas. Scratch that! A silk blouse is everything for someone who knows how to appreciate fashion. Blouses for starters are amazing wardrobe staples. You can pair them with every bottom you have in your wardrobe. They look elegant, chic, trendy and perfect for every occasion whether it is a formal or casual event. If you recently got your hands on a silk blouse or have had a couple in your possession but do not how to wear them or you are just searching for new ways to style your daily look, read and find a couple of outfits you like:

Silk Blouse with Metallic Skirt

Metallics are an all time favorite of every chica. But pair a metallic skirt with a white or black silk blouse and you have a look that will blow everyone over-the-7-oceans away.

Trouser Look

Even something as simple as your trouser can be dressed up and look super fancy with a silk blouse. Whether you have wide leg trousers, slim fit…etc all looks great with a single silk blouse. Try these color matches: black & navy, black & white, greys & whites.

Drapey Silk Blouse and Skinnies

Nothing can ever go wrong with your outfit if it has a pair of skinnies in it. Denim or not, choose a wide silk blouse with your tight skinnies to create a contrasting look.

Go Street or Go Home!

If you want a bolder look than what you always aim for then opt for an army green silk blouse with patterned leggings. Roll up the sleeves of your blouse and add a watch and a bracelet to each wrist.

Ballet Inspired Look

Opt for a casual and laid back attire for your day with a silk blouse, loose or flare pants, large duster coat and a pair of flats.