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The Different Types of Sexy Cocktail Dresses

The Different Types of Sexy Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses have to be part of your wardrobe at some point in your life. A girl has got to go clubbing and attend luxurious cocktail parties at some point. And the dresses, oh the dresses are marvelous. Long, short, strapless, mesh, sheer, skin tight, skimpy…etc. Thing is, every cocktail dress must have a dash of sexiness in it. Just a dash! Nothing more. Unless you are heading to a nightclub then you do not want something that screams “Look at me, I AM SEXY“! Sex appeal should be measured in small amount and choosing the right types of sexy cocktail dresses is imperative. For the markets are full of all types of sexy. It takes a good eye to determine which is best and with the types of dresses noted down below you can have an idea:

Maternity Cocktail Dresses

Just because you have a baby bump does not mean you have to sacrifice your fun and your life. Go out and partay! Just not too much and certainly do not get drunk. Sip on a bubbly and try to have fun without being intoxicated.

Plus Size Sexy Cocktail Dresses

Gone are the days when thick thighs and broad waistlines were looked down upon. Hey you, yes you! Out with those folds and extra inches around your hips. They are to be loved and appreciated. LOVE YOURSELF! ♥

Vintage Cocktail Dresses

There are certain themes to every cocktail party and if yours happens to place itself on the vintage category, then you are in luck. Vintage sexy cocktail dresses are a thing and the variety is huge. From plus sizes to florals, you take your pick!

Black Sexy Cocktail Dresses

Yes, there is an entire category for the color black. You can’t deny the fact that black has its charisma and charm. So why hold back? Go splurge on a few black sexy cocktail dresses. It will be worth it.