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The Different Types of Pajama Sets

The Different Types of Pajama Sets

Going to sleep? Hang on a sec now! Are you wearing your pajamas? If not then what are you wearing? It is super unhygienic to go to bed while wearing your day clothes. Not to go into the specifics of that, how about you think of the comfort pajama sets can provide you. It has been proven multiple times that people who go to sleep wearing their pajamas, sleep a better and more sound sleep than others. There are many different types of pajama sets in the markets and the variety makes buying a set all the more worth it. Read all about them:

Pants and Jacket

These are the most popular ones between girls of all ages. These pajama sets are both comfortable, provide coverage and are fit to be worn in a household where there’s other people present.

Shirt and Shorts

This comes next in line after the pants and jacket option. Some girls like to sleep in shorts for pants are just boring and they prove to be an obstruction when you move in your sleep under the covers.

Cami and Shorts

Different and more sensual than the previous pajama set this one teeters over to the side of sexy. Baring a lot of skin and providing you with an added advantage of moving about, most girls love to get these pajama sets.


Yes, grown women and men both love to wear these to bed. They are not only for children but are the definition of coziness and comfort. (Except when you have to pee in the morning).

Baby Doll Sleepwear

A very sexy addition to a bedroom these are mostly worn for sensual purposes. They mostly consist of bra, panties and a sheer chemise-like dress on top. Garter stockings are also mostly part of every baby doll sleepwear set. These are not referred to as pajama sets but lingerie instead.