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The Best Ways to Wear Bettie Page Clothing

The Best Ways to Wear Bettie Page Clothing

Vintage themed clothing is a great favorite of many ladies. Not just because they are the epitome of sexy and elegance but there is a certain charm to them as well. Also, some women are just glued to the past 1950s years, and they can’t seem to get out from it. If you are also a vintage clothes lover then you best head over to any Bettie Page clothing store in your area. If you do not have any then the best place to shop for those clothes is on the official portal. In the mean time, before you can place any order or add any items to your cart, take a read and find out the expert ways of wearing Bettie Page clothing:

Hairdos Matter Greatly

One must never undermine how big of a deal are hairstyles. If you want to wear vintage clothing then you must understand that back in the vintage days, hairstyles were the biggest thing about a woman’s outfit/look. Taking a glance at the pictures below…what gives them that vintage glow? Is it the dress? No! It is the hairstyle. If you switch out the hairstyle with a modern one like beach waves, sleek top bun…etc the outfit won’t look the same.


Before you can start thinking about pulling on those stiletto high heels with those Bettie Page clothing dresses, think about what the women wore in the 1950s? If you will be adopting a whole new culture/trend, better adopt it fully or don’t at all! For vintage clothing the best heels are the low ones. A bit higher than kitten heels but not too high. Go for cute vintage designs like ankle straps, low platform heels or t strap heels.

Hair Accessories

These were also a big deal during the vintage times. Whether it was small askew hats, or flower pins; every girl had a bunch of them. And so should you once you start wearing Bettie Page clothing.