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The Best Tops to Wear with Tartan Skirts

The Best Tops to Wear with Tartan Skirts

Winter colors are pretty in their own way. Do you know what winter colors are? Well, they are not exactly a couple of shades that fall in one criteria that you can name and knock off your list once you have them memorized. Winter colors are actually all sorts of dark hues that exist in this world. Everything dark and muted or matte is a great winter color that you can wear everywhere. Patterns are also another great hit in winters and the top most worn ones are plaid. Tartan is another for plaid and you can find tartan skirts, shirts, coats and much more fashion items to add to your wardrobe. Let’s talk about what you can pair with tartan skirts for a minute. The list is never ending and you can get an idea or two about what you will be wearing this week:

Crop Tops

These are worn with nearly every type of skirt and it will not hurt wearing it with tartan skirts. You can choose from the variety of materials, colors and styles. A top retailer that sells all sorts of crop tops is BooHoo and you can take your pick from its collection.


Find yourself a loose fitting full sleeve blouse in any color and it will look great with tartan skirts. Since this is a winter look it is advised that you wear something underneath your skirt, do not go bare. Stocking or leggings will be your best friends.


These are super stylish for you can loosely tuck them in your skirt to give a laid back and effortless look. You can mostly find them in heavy and warm materials meaning you can easily wear them only and feel super cozy for the rest of your day.

Overlarge Shirt

Who said you needed an absolutely uptight and prim outfit? With a size XL/L shirt you can leave it untucked, throw a long coat on top with a beanie or a muffler as side accessories.