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Stetson Hat Outfits for Men and Women

Stetson Hat Outfits for Men and Women

Styling your outfit is a fairly fun experience when it includes fancy additional items like jewelry, scarves and best of all hats. Hats are very variant and unique items to add to any and every outfit you have. They always manage to make you look chic and trendy If you have styled a look but it looks too plain and/or shabby, a hat will make it look preppy and fresh. But which type of hat? A stetson hat is said to be the most fitting type for every person and every outfit. Whatever look you are going for this type of hat matches. Check out these chic outfit ideas:

All Black with White Stetson Hat (Men’s)

Keeping your look simple with a black button up formal dress shirt tucked in a pair of formal black trousers. Add a black belt and leave your cuffs unbuttoned. Top everything off with a white brick stetson hat.

Boho Hipster Country Look (Women’s)

Keeping your look super country and chic and matching with the history of the stetson hat. Start with a white striped button up shirt a black bowtie with white patterns on it. On top on that go for a brown tassel coat. Top off with black skinny jeans (ripped or not), suede booties and a Tom Mix light black stetson hat.

Chill Formal Work Look (Men’s)

You will need a blazer and formal dress pants for this look but they will be styled uniquely. Start with a V-neck burgundy tee, navy blazer and trousers, trickers shoes, black sunnies and a dark brown pinched front stetson hat.

Overlarge Dress Shirt Look (Women’s)

According to your size find an overlarge formal shirt that falls to your thighs. Pair with a light brown shrug, black fur bag, black leather shoes, white socks, sunnies and a charcoal Amish stetson hat.