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Sparkly Dresses – Makeup Tips for The Fashionistas

Sparkly Dresses – Makeup Tips for The Fashionistas

Dresses for night outs and parties are known for their upbeat nature. There has to be a touch of awesomeness in every dress you pick for your night out. Sparkly dresses for instance are the perfect pick for any party you chose to head out to on a Friday night. They embody class, elegance and taste with their sparkly aura. Also they look good on every body. But wearing a dress to a party is not everything. Besides the jewelry, shoes, bag and hairstyle you must pay extra care to your makeup look. Here are a few tips that can enhance your look for sparkly dresses:

Bold Eyeliner

You’re basically making a fashion statement with your sparkly dress so go ahead and make another beauty statement with your bold and daring eyeliner. Draw it as long as you want it and as bold as you want it.

Mascara with Kohl Pigmentation

Mascara in itself is pretty dark, but you know what’s darker? Kohl! But because Kohl can only be applied on your inner and outer lids, find a mascara like the Diorshow’s Blackout Mascara which has kohl pigment in it.

Bright Red Lip

Whether you are wearing a black/white/red/brown/emerald/blue sparkly dress, a bold red lip will always match. There is something that brings together the color red and shiny sparkles. You can either apply glitter or sheen to your red lip or opt for a matte finish lipstick.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Matching the sparkles in your dress go for an equally shiny eyeshadow color in the shade metallic. The metallic tone will match every sparkly dress regardless of the color.

Dramatic Lashes

Want that queen diva look? It is always great to add a dramatic spin to your outfit. Let your eyelashes play that role with long and thick fake lashes to start with.