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How To Choose Snowboarding Pants

How To Choose Snowboarding Pants

If you are planning a trip to the mountains or to a snowy region this summer, it is imperative to make snowboarding plans. After all what’s a trip to a snowy region without the joys of snowboarding? Now, that you have gotten down to considering the idea, let us discuss how to pick out appropriate snowboarding gear. The most important part of this outfit are definitely the snowboarding pants. After all they make or break your entire snowboarding experience. Here are a few guidelines to help you make an informed decision.


There is actually a measure for how waterproof your snowboarding pants are. Ranging between 5000 and 20000 mm, the higher up the scale the numbers go, the more waterproof and resistant fabric is. Deciding on how waterproof you want your friends to be can be a tad tedious. You need to make sure you know the locality and region where you will be going. Picking the right fabric will become easy.


Without appropriate warmth your snowboarding pants can be a total and complete disaster. There are options for lined and unlined pants depending on degree of comfort and level of one that you choose. Insulated pants are also a great choice as they are lightweight but still provide sufficient warm to your body. You might need to test the pants before purchasing them because once your legs start moving your body will generate its own heat and you might not need very warm snowboarding pants.

There are also several key features to keep an eye out for. Bibs, ventilation, pockets and cuff reinforcement are some of the several additional features to keep an eye out for while purchasing your pants. Some pants even come with built in gaitors to help keep the snow out of your shoes. If you are feeling fancy, you might even consider a pair that have a jacket-to-pants connection.